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embroidered black dressE
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Palm Tree printed Tank

April 17, 2014

Our Palm Tree printed #tank #available #now on#RevolveClothing
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 #bobicollections by #designer#KaraLusardi #love #style
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palm tree tank

Coachella style

April 14, 2014

#Day3 of #Coachella #week1 This look is #available #now on#RevolveClothing
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black dress

Open back Tank

March 27, 2014

#Coachella is coming!! What else are you gonna #rock in the #dance #tents #available#now
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open back tank

Coachella nights

March 27, 2014

#Dance the #Coachella #night away in our #jersey #halter #romper #available #now
on#RevolveClothing #bobi #shopbobi #shop #bobiusa #bobilosangeles

black jumpsuit

#Coachella Fringe Dress

March 27, 2014

#Coachella #festival is already on our minds Beat the #heat
in our #fringe #maxi #dress#available #now on #RevolveClothing #bobi #shopbobi

brown fringe dress

Host Lesley Mia

March 27, 2014

#YoungHollywood #Host #LesleyMia #rocks three different looks from
#bobilosangeles at various #events over the #weekend #press #pr #reporter

lesley mia

White Crochet dress

March 27, 2014

Our #sweet little #crochet #lace #tank #dress is #available #now
on #RevolveClothing#bobi #shopbobi #shop #bobiusa #bobilosangeles #bobicollections

white crotchet dress

Stripe Linen Maxi Dress

March 27, 2014

#Latenight #shopping Snap up our #stripe #linen #maxi #tank #dress
#available #now on#RevolveClothing #bobi #bobicollections #shop #shopbobi

b&w maxi

Maxi Tank dress

March 27, 2014

Here comes the #sun Our supreme #jersey #maxi #tank #dress is #available #now
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yellow maxi dress

bobiBLACK hi-low dress

March 27, 2014

#bobiBLACK #asymmetrical #halter#dress #available #now on#revolveclothing #bobi #bobicollections#bobiusa #shopbobi #shop #style#fashion

blue hi-low dress

Striped Maxi Dress

March 27, 2014

#Stripe #MaxiDress #available #now on #revolveclothing #shopbobi #bobi#bobicollections #bobiusa #fashion #spring #trend #ootd #shop #casual

stripe maxi dress

Fall look book

March 4, 2014

Last image from our #Bobi #fall #2014 #Lookbook#bobicollections #bobiusa
#fashion #style #trend#sweater #beanie
#photographer @nadavbenjamin#stylist @katiemackmusic
#makeup #hair @noseph@noogiethai
#designer @karabobi #karalusardi #model@tabitha_grayston #modellife

pic 1

Fall look book

March 4, 2014

An image from our #Bobi #fall #2014 #Lookbook#bobicollections #bobiusa
#fashion #style #trend#vegan #leather #bomberjacket #boots
#photographer @nadavbenjamin #stylist@katiemackmusic
#makeup #hair @noseph@noogiethai
 #designer @karabobi #karalusardi
#model@tabitha_grayston #modellife

pic 2

Fall look book

March 4, 2014

An image from our #Bobi #fall #2014 #Lookbook#bobicollections #bobiusa #fashion #style #trend
#photographer @nadavbenjamin #stylist@katiemackmusic
 #makeup #hair @noseph@noogiethai
#designer @karabobi #model April gray#modellife

pic 3A

Fall lookbook

March 4, 2014

An image from our #Bobi #fall #2014 #Lookbook#bobicollections #bobiusa #fashion #style #trend
#photographer @nadavbenjamin #stylist@katiemackmusic
#makeup #hair @noseph@noogiethai
 #designer @karabobi
 #model@tabitha_grayston #modellife

pic 3B

Fall lookbook

March 4, 2014

An image from our #Bobi #fall #2014 #lookbook#bobicollections #bobiusa
#fashion #style #trend#croptop #plaid
#photographer @nadavbenjamin#stylist @katiemackmusic
#makeup #hair @noseph@noogiethai
#designer @karabobi #model April Gray#modellife

pic 4

Fall lookbook

March 4, 2014

An image from our #Bobi #fall #2014 #Lookbook#bobicollections #bobiusa #fashion #style #trend
#photographer @nadavbenjamin #stylist@katiemackmusic 
#makeup #hair @noseph@noogiethai 
#designer @karabobi
 #model@tabitha_grayston #modellife April Gray

pic 5B

Fall lookbook

March 4, 2014

An image from our #Bobi #fall #2014 #Lookbook#bobicollections #bobiusa #fashion #style #trend
#photographer @nadavbenjamin #stylist@katiemackmusic
#makeup #hair @noseph@noogiethai #designer @karabobi
 #model@tabitha_grayston #modellife

pic 5A

bobi Fall Lookbook

February 25, 2014

An image from our #Bobi #fall #2014 #Lookbook#bobicollections #bobiusa #fashion #style #trend
#photographer @nadavbenjamin #stylist@katiemackmusic
#makeup #hair @noseph@noogiethai
 #designer @karabobi #model@tabitha_grayston #modellife

pic 6

Kardashian's love Bobi!

Stripe Maxi Dresses

May 22, 2013



Perfect casual dresses to spice up any spring or summer day!

ColorBlock Stripe Dress


Ruffles, Ruffles and MORE Ruffles!!

Rock the hottest trend for Spring with your bobi flutter sleeve top!!

Shop bobi @Revolveclothing.com

Bright and Fun Spring Stripe!

Lime Green and Grey with a hint of white

Trendy but polished.

Shop bobi @Reolveclothing.com

The Muscle Tank

March 29, 2013

The Muscle Tank

Get Gwyneth Paltrow’s look
Shop bobi @Revolveclothing.com

Peachy Little Things

March 27, 2013


Get The Look!

Casual down Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s look with these bobi tees.

First Day of Spring!

March 20, 2013

First Day of Spring!

Racerback Tank in Neon Coral
Shop Bobi at Revolveclothing.com

The Easy Strapless Maxi

March 18, 2013

Easy Strapless Maxi

Shop Bobi at Revolveclothing.com

Shop Bobi: The Open Back Mini

Spring 2013 available now at Revolveclothing.com

click on picture and be directed instantly

Anna Sophia Robb

January 16, 2013

Anna Sophia Robb

AnnaSophia Robb the young Carrie Bradshaw from the CW series “The Carrie Diaries”, in New York Wearing Bobi!

Celebrities who rock Bobi

January 11, 2013


The Looks of Bobi

December 26, 2012

The Looks of Bobi

Bobi offers a variety of styles for a variety of women.

Get the Looks of Bobi today from one of our online retailers

RevolveClothing, Amazon or Shop Adorn.

Bobi Designer Kara Lusardi

December 19, 2012

Get your hot cutout tee today. keyword bobi @Revolveclothing.com

Get your hot cutout tee today. keyword bobi @Revolveclothing.com

In 2006 designer Kara Lusardi started the Bobi label under parent company Genexus—also home to True Grit,
Mododoc and Ragdoll and Rockets. What started as a simple line of long layering tanks and cutting edge contemporary t-shirts has developed into a full knit-based collection available in department stores and better boutiques worldwide.

Bobi is a women’s collection encompassing casual tees to elegant gowns in a variety of jersey weights in beautiful colors. Bobi has a huge celebrity fan base- including Kim Kardashian, Nicole Richie, Selena Gomez, Hilary Swank, Madonna and Giuliana Rancic.

A native New York City girl, Lusardi now lives just steps from the iconic Robertson Boulevard in Los Angeles, so she understands the needs of women on both coasts and knows just the right fit and style lines that get you noticed. Kara’s amazing skills and precision when it comes to fit is why Bobi is so special. Lusardi specifically cuts and fits the styles to be slimming and sexy by playing up areas that you want noticed –and playing down what you want to hide. Bobi is effortlessly chic and can be dressed up or down to fit each girl’s individual style.

Lusardi graduated from F.I.T. in New York, majoring in Fashion Illustration. Her fashion career started in production at Cynthia Rowley in 1994, but she quickly wound up working in design due to her ability to translate her designs through her illustration skills, a thorough understanding of the production process, an obsession for fashion and a strong business brain. It’s not common for artists to be proficient in both the fashion AND the business side of the industry, but she inherited a savvy mix of both from business-minded, successful parents.

Kara has had a lengthy and successful career in the fashion industry, both in New York and LA, working for a number of hot labels including Rampage, XOXO, and Nicole Miller. In addition to women’s fashion, she has had a significant amount of experience designing kids wear and denim on both coasts as well.

When asked where she draws inspiration from, Kara explains her design process starts with a new theme each season drawing from music, places or time periods. The girl I design for in my head is a mix of Ali Mcgraw in Love Story, Gwyneth Paltrow and Nicole Richie. I always have 70′s rock and Bohemian imagery in my brain. So you will see touches of this in every line, regardless of the changing themes, styles and colors. I attack and begin the design process from an artistic angle but always keep in mind that the end result must be successful sales.

In 2007, Bobi USA partnered with Thomas Ulrich and created Bobi Europe. Thomas is now the International
Sales & Global Brand Director, and has opened the first freestanding Bobi retail store in Rome. Bobi USA and Bobi Europe are growing quickly, their next step is to introduce their highly successful Bobi men’s collection (already available in Europe) into the U.S. market.

Celebrities In Bobi!

October 4, 2010

Alessandra Ambrosio, Hilary Swank, Ali Landry

Amber Rose, Shontelle, Sophie Monk

Anna Paquin, Vienna Girardi, Tia Carrere

Recently, many celebrity women have been photographed wearing their favorite bobi styles. From running in New York to red carpets in Los Angeles, these ladies continue to wear and love bobi for its soft fabrics and cool cuts. Shop all these styles plus more online at Revolve Clothing, Tee-zone.com, South Moon Under or visit our website at

Bobi At New York Fashion Week

September 21, 2010

This year during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, ELLE.COM's STYLE360 hosted a collaboration fashion show between bobi, Caravan Girl, and Boy Meets Girl. The Express Your Love showcase was presented by Starbucks Frappaccino coffee drink at the Metropolitan Pavilion on September 14, 2010. This was the eighth consecutive year Elle.com’s STYLE360 stood apart as one of the most exclusive, must-attend experiences during New York Fashion Week.

Bobi featured 11 Indiana Jones meets Japanese pop art looks, highlighted by edgy urban street wear and structured military looks. The collection showed a Middle Eastern desert vibe, with flowing and relaxed bodies, military colors infused with dramatic brights, and industrial shapes. Music was by DJ Josh Madden and Neon Trees opened the show with a performance. Other celebrities in attendance included Jersey Shore’s Angelina Pivarnick, Real Housewives of New York Ramona Singer, Actress Jenn Proske, Actor Chris Riggi, Singer Paula Deanda, Paige Nichols, and Actress Dania Ramirez.

Tyler Glenn, lead singer of Neon Tress, remarked, “I loved [the show]. It’s cool to see a fashion show come together, kind of like making an album—a lot of hard work goes into it. I can see the excitement in the designers.”

Style 360's Fashion Week at the Metropolitan Pavilion

Designers Claudine DeSola, Kara Lusardi & Marisol Deluna

Kara Lusardi & Josh Madden

Neon Trees

Cosmopolitan's Marcella Precise & Designer Kara Lusardi

Angelina Pivarnick walked the runway at Style 360′s Express Your Love Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in the Metropolitan Pavilion on September 14, 2010 in New York City. The reality star was seen backstage at the Caravan Girl, Bobi, Boy Meets Girl show with bobi designer Kara Lusardi. To see other articles related to this topic, check out MTV Style Blog, Jersey Shore Blog or FOX's Speed TV .

To view pictures of bobi’s New York Fashion Week show, please visit our facebook album at Bobi Collections NYFW Show.

Stay tuned for a full blog on bobi at New York Fashion Week 2010 coming soon!!

Images by: Brian Chernicky / PhotographyEncinitas.com

Bobi is extremely excited to announce the launch of a new men’s line in Europe this Spring! After having so much success with bobi women, we are venturing to deliver cool, sexy tee-shirts with vintage washes and raw edges for men. The line is starting small with basics, just as bobi women’s did, in slub and 100% cotton tees. Casual fits and comfy styles give off Bradley Cooper and Kellan Lutz vibes.

The images above were shot by Photographer Brian Chernicky, from San Diego, California. Brian has a passion for all types of photography and feels fortunate to be able “to do some really exciting and fulfilling work.” To view more of Brian Chernicky’s work, you can visit his websites at www.brianchernicky.com/photo and www.photoencinitas.com.

To see more styles from our Spring 2011 mens collection, please visit our facebook album at BOBI MENS’ ALBUM.

Bobi’s inspiration behind the Fall 2010 collection is Joan Jett meets vampire. The line has a rich and unique color offering, capturing colors of the 1980s with an updated sophistication. Joan Jett’s trends are hit with exaggerated shoulders and sleeves. Zebra burnout tops, striped dresses, layering tops, and little dresses with rocker details pair perfectly with this fall’s ankle boots. The other trend focused on is wizard and warlock bodies. Long ruffles, tuxedo looks, dramatic hoodies, and lace print bodies fill the line. The sporty section of the line is full of cool sprays and stone washes. Shop the bobi Fall 2010 Collection at RevolveClothing.com, tee-zone.com, M. Fredric or at boutiques worldwide.

Earlier this month, bobi participated in showing our Resort 2010 line at European fashion trade show Bread and Butter. The bi-annual event that ran concurrently with Berlin Fashion Week had only the best brands and top buyers in attendance. This past show presented 650 selected worldwide brands, all being leaders in street and urban wear. Pictures from bobi’s booth at the show can be viewed above.

bobi had such a great showing at Bread & Butter, that we were featured in multiple issues of WeAr Magazine. This publication is the largest, most essential insiders guide to the best fashion retailers and upcoming trends, along with editorials, interviews with designers and industry news. Select bobi garments, bobi European Representative Thomas Ullrich, an article profile of bobi as a premium trend as well as numerous mentions are featured in all three July 2010 magazines, which can be viewed below. For more information about WeAr Magazine and to see other fashion industry news, you can visit their site at WeArGlobalNetwork.com.

bobi floral print tee 540-0309

bobi tonal stripe tee 540-6111

bobi’s summer 2010 collection has a rock out on the beach, safari-grunge feeling. Over-sized jersey, slub, burnouts, stonewashes, cut-outs, flowy, funky bohemian bodies and super cool tops make the line versatile and interesting. Dresses and tunics are designed to double as bathing suit cover-ups, pairing perfectly with fedoras and gladiator sandals. Washes, textures and techniques enhance the line, creating novelty. The colors are punchy, juicy and fun, ideal for this warm weather season. Shop our collection at REVOLVE CLOTHING with free shipping and returns, or visit our website HERE! to find a boutique near you with bobi!

The buzz about bobi…

June 28, 2010

Actresses Christine Woods, Chrishell Strause, & Tia Carrere

Sophie Monk & Kara Lusardi

Actor Brandon Barash & Designer Kara Lusardi

Inside the charity event

Designer Kara Lusardi and Associate Designer Kate Stanley

Design Director Kara Lusardi & Associate Designer Kate Stanley

Kara Lusardi, Henry Duarte & Sophie Monk

After bobi held a sample sale charity event at Revolve Clothing last week, the media has been buzzing about who was there, what was sold, and why the cause. See what people have been saying, tweeting and blogging about…

LA's Guest of A Guest

Revolve Clothing Style Blog

Audrey Kitching for Buzznet.com

Wire Image

LIFE- Catt Sadler

LIFE- Tia Carrere and Sophie Monk

LIFE- Christine Woods, Vanessa Legnies, Ali Landry

Ali Landry & Catt Sadler Twitpic from the event!

Ali Landry Twitpic from the event

Vanessa Legnies

The Johnny and Olivia Multimedia Gallery

Access Hollywood Star Sightings

Blush Blog

To Learn more about the cause bobi supports, please visit KeepAChildAlive.org

Shop all bobi styles at Revolve Clothing HERE!

All Images above by Marni Hills

Designer Kara Lusardi with Actress Christine Woods, Ari Arad, Sophie Monk and Michael Kofoed

E!'s Catt Sadler, Designer Kara Lusardi and Actress Ali Landry

Josh Madden & Sophie Monk

Tia Carrere and Kara Lusardi shopping for the cause

Actor Richard Reid with Sophie Monk

Designer Kara Lusardi with Revolve Clothing owner Michael Mente

Kara Lusardi, Henry Duarte and Sophie Monk

bobi held a red-carpet charity event at Revolve Clothing on June 23, 2010 to benefit Keep A Child Alive Charity. Although all bobi styles were currently being sold in stores from $39 to $160, guests enjoyed discounted prices of $20 per item, with 100% of proceeds going to Keep A Child Alive. With 14.1 million children orphaned by AIDS in Africa, bobi donated to this charity to help support their relentless efforts to provide treatment, care and support to better the lives and life expectancies of those whose have been affected by HIV/AIDS in Africa and India. Celebrities and guests enjoyed shopping bobi Spring and Summer 2010 collections to support the cause.

To learn more about this cause, please visit http://keepachildalive.org/.

Shop all bobi styles at Revolve Clothing

Catt Sadler, Ali Landry, Chrisell Strause, Sophie Monk, Kara Lusardi, Christine Woods

Christine Woods, Vanessa Lengies, Ali Landry, Sophie Monk, Kara Lusardi

Actress Ali Landry, DJ Josh Madden, Actress Tia Carrere

Tia Carrere, Sophie Monk, Guest, DJ Claudine De Sola, Guest, Kara Lusardi, Christy Landers, Lindsey Landers

On the evening of June 23, 2010, bobi, Ali Landry, Sophie Monk, Christine Woods, Vanessa Lengies and designer Kara Lusardi hosted a charity sample sale event to benefit bobi’s favorite charity, Keep A Child Alive. bobi’s Spring and Summer 2010 collections were sold for $20 a piece, with all proceeds benefiting Keep A Child Alive Foundation. The event was held at Revolve Clothing on the fashionable Melrose Avenue in West Hollywood. Guests enjoyed complimentary cocktails while shopping their favorite bobi styles. Celebrity attendants included Catt Sadler, DJ Josh Madden, Claudine De Sola, Actress Tia Carrere, Designer Henry Duarte, Brandon Barash, Alexa Weisleis, Neil Diamond, Audrey Kitching, Actor Richard Reid, Actress Lisa LoCicero, Producer Ari Arad, Actress Chrishell Strause, and Actresses Christy and Lindsey Landers.

Keep cool while exploring your adventurous side this summer in bobi’s safari grunge inspired tunics, tanks, rompers, jumpsuits, button-ups, dresses and cover-ups. bobi’s Summer 2010 collection incorporates asymmetrical cuts, crochet and braided trims, flowy bodies, ruffles and slouchy styles, all while adding juicy pops of bright colors to offset hints of grunge. This collection is perfect for any woman’s lifestyle, incorporating comfort and trend into easy versatile wardrobe staples.

Bobi’s summer safari grunge styles are all about mixing colors and textures, as shown in bobi’s cotton elastane rib, tie-dye stripes, burnouts, heather stripes, stonewashes, plaid texture woven, gauze, heavy crinkle woven and faux denim fabrics. Following one of this summer’s most popular trends, bobi’s summer slub group has untraditional cut-outs, perfect for layering or giving small teases of skin in unexpected places. Bobi’s supreme jersey halter, strapless and tank jumpsuits and rompers incorporate shirring, drawstrings and pockets to maximize comfort while enhancing bust lines and silhouettes.

Each piece in the collection offers numerous easy transitional options. During the day, throw on your favorite bobi style with a great pair of gladiator sandals and fedora and you are ready to go. At night, pair your same favorite styles with a sexy pair of heels and bold statement jewelry for the perfect night out.

Shop the collection online at revolveclothing.com, piperlime.com, GlamGirlBoutique.com, or find boutique in your area HERE!

Bowersox loves bobi!!

May 27, 2010

Crystal Bowersox wearing bobi dress on American Idol!

Bobi can now add Crystal Bowersox to our list of bobi-obsessed celebrity fans! Part one of the two-part season 9 finale aired May 25 with Crystal Bowersox and Lee DeWyze competing for the American Idol title. Each contestant sang two songs, with Crystal delivering a remarkable performance of Janis Joplin’s “Me and Bobby McGee,” looking radiant in her bobi dress 510-5263! Owning this dress in every color, Crystal chose to wear her summer staple in ‘twilight’ on live TV. She loves the style and cannot wait to rock this and other bobi dresses all summer! Get your own bobi 5263 dress in ‘balboa’ at Piperlime.com

Missed Crystal’s May 25, 2010 performance in this dress? Check it out here:

bobi on the Canadian Catwalk

Last month, bobi premiered its Fall 2010 Collection on the Canadian catwalk at Montréal Fashion Week. Being among some of Canada’s most influential and creative designers, bobi showed off its zebra burnouts, stripes, stonewashed fabrics and new fashion bodies on the third day of the week to hundreds of fashionistas and Canadian media networks.

Montreal Fashion week spanned from March 1st to 4th 2010 and were at 555 Chabanel. The shows were held at the cornerstone of the L’Acadie–Chabanel neighborhood, which resides in the heart of Montreal’s fashion and clothing industry. Check out an overview of the week and see reviews of bobi’s runway appearance, at

Interested in viewing more pictures of the fashion show and other bobi happenings? Add bobi LosAngeles as a friend on facebook and browse our albums!

Jones Magazine has just released it’s premier issue this month! Serving as a shopping and lifestyle resource for multicultural women. “Since 2005, JONES magazine has catered to fashion enthusiasts who share a penchant for what’s hot, new and yet to be discovered. The executive team at JONES brings unparalleled expertise in reaching the multicultural woman across several media platforms—print, TV, events and online. From fashion to food to distinctive travel destinations to the best in home design, JONES is the go-to guide for a sophisticated consumer in print and online.”

Jones Magazine loves bobi and is holding its own giveaway to one lucky reader each month. For more details, visit the magazine’s website at JONESMAG.COM

At the end of March, bobi blogged about being behind the scenes with designer Kara Lusardi and Aussie Pop Star Sophie Monk at Revolve Clothing while filming a special segment for Australia’s “Getaway” travel show. Last night across Australia and New Zealand, Sophie’s “My LA” episode premiered, featuring Sophie giving a personal tour of some of her favorites around Los Angeles.

Among mentioning Revolve Clothing and Kara as two of her favorite things, she also talks about Runyon Canyon as her favorite city escape. In it, she is active in bobi tank 3026 in Heather Grey and bobi faux denim capris legging 9807 in Washed!

Sophie hiking Runyon Canyon in bobi

Check out channel nine’s online blog and segment HERE where you can read more about Revolve Clothing, Kara, Runyon Canyon, and Sophie’s other favorite hot spots around Los Angeles.

Runyon Canyon section begins 1:46
Revolve Clothing section begins 4:47

Want to get Sophie’s looks? Shop them online at Revolve Clothing


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